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June 01, 2010

Alabama 7 heads to runoff

John McArdle   ·  CQ Politics   ·  Link to Article

Attorney Terri Sewell is set to appear in the Democratic primary runoff that will all but decide who will replace Rep. Artur Davis (D) in Alabama's overwhelmingly Democratic 7th district.

Sewell cruised to a first place finish Tuesday by taking 37 percent with just under 90 percent reporting. Sewell's closest challenger and likely runoff competitor was Jefferson County Commissioner Shelia Smoot who had just over 28 percent.

State Rep. Earl Hilliard Jr. was was close behind with just under 27 percent.

At the outset of the primary, Hilliard and Smoot were seen as the candidates with the best name ID in the distirct. But Sewell, a political newcomer, ran a campaign that was marked by its strong fundraising which in turn allowed her to run nearly month-long media blitz that appears to have served her well. Hilliard and Smoot didn't go on the air until late last month.

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