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July 08, 2010

Terri Sewell: Next 10 Women to Watch in Politics

Patricia Murphy   ·  Politics Daily   ·  Link to Article


Terri Sewell -- Sewell's short-term political future will be decided next Tuesday, when Alabama holds a Democratic runoff for the House seat of retiring Rep. Artur Davis. But no matter what happens, Sewell has already built a record of success that would have most high achievers calling it a day.

The Harvard-trained lawyer was the first black valedictorian at her high school in historic Selma, Ala. From there Sewell went on to Princeton, where she was named one of Glamour Magazine's College Women of the Year, then Harvard Law School and Oxford University in England. She worked as a corporate lawyer in both New York and Alabama, where she also worked pro-bono cases for school districts looking to raise money.

Since 2008 was the year for breakout African-American stars like Barack Obama and Mayor Corey Booker of Newark, N.J., Sewell's backers want to see her join the new guard in 2010 as well.

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