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March 06, 2011

Hometown Hero Returns to Remember

Chris Womack   ·  CBS42   ·  Link to Article

While some spent Sunday remembering the victims of Bloody Sunday in Selma, it was also a time of hope for the future.  Congresswoman Terri Sewell returned to her hometown with several of her colleagues to give them a closer look at the town that not only played a pivotal role in the civil rightts movement, but forged her career.

"It's such an honor and pleasure to be able to come back and to share it with my colleagues now, in congress and with their families.  I'm so proud to be from Selma and honored to represent the city in congress," said Sewell. 

She credited her mother, the first African-American women to serve on the Selma city council, with being the role model that she fashioned herself after.  "I feel as if I'm standing on the shoulders of such great giants," she said.

Her Congressional career has gotten off to a fast start.  She has been elected the president of her freshman class on Capitol Hill, and she hopes that her success can serve as a guiding light to children all over the state.  "I tell all the children in Selma that it's possible, just look at me."

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