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October 11, 2012

Alabama New South Alliance endorses straight Democratic ticket for November Election

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On Saturday, October 6, 2012, at Maggie Street Church in Montgomery, delegates at the convention of the Alabama New South Alliance (ANSA), a new sister organization of the Alabama New South Coalition (ANSC) endorsed the straight Democratic ticket in the statewide general election on November 6, 2012.

The ANSA was created to provide ANSC members a seperate conduit for screening and  endorsing candidates for national, state and local elections in keeping  with new state laws governing political action committees  (PAC’S).

The new arrangement                            will permit ANSC to continue its progressive educational and advocacy program activities to foster a “change for the better in our lifetimes” with ANSA endorsing  political candidates who will advance  this mission.

The ANSA heard speeches and was able to ask questions of three major Democratic political candidates running in November before making its endorsement. Terri Sewell, 7th District Congresswomen; Attorney Robert Vance who is running for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and Lucy Baxley, candidate for reelection to the Chair of the Alabama Public Service Commission spoke to the delegates at the convention.

The ANSA endorsement includes Barack Obama for President and Joseph Biden for Vice-President, who will be heading the ticket in Alabama.

Terri Sewell said, “Children are now the face of poverty and foodstamps in Alabama, and we must do everything we can to protect these programs, Medicare and Medicaid for people in the state. In 2008, it was historical to elect Barack Obama but in 2012 it is imperative to reelect him to protect the middle class.”

Sewell said she was willing to work on the inequities in the Hispanic and Women’s Discrimination settlement process and the redistricting of the Alabama Legislature which will lead to the defeat of most white Democratic legislators. The U. S. Department of Justice has pre-cleared the legislative redistricting plan although Black legislators have filed a lawsuit to challenge the plan in Federal court.

The ANSA also heard from Charles Holley, a Democratic African-American candidate for the 5th Congressional District and John A. Harris, a Democratic African-American candidate for the 3rd Congressional District, both of whom were later endorsed in their district caucuses.

The ANSC sponsored a panel of community activists including Willie Nell Avery of Perry County, Barbara Pitts of Lee County,  Lester Brown of Greene County, and Jeanetta Witt Mitchell of Mobile County who discussed local strategies and activities for voter registration, get out the vote activities and ongoing voter education throughout the year,

Attorney Faya Rose (Sanders) Toure of Selma was the luncheon speaker. she spoke on the “myth of white supremacy” and her recent experiences fighting the installation of a monument in a Selma public cemetery to Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the Klu Klux Klan. She advocated a reasoned study of resistance coupled with specific direct action to change peoples’ culture, thinking and actions.

After Congressional District Caucuses, the ANSA members came and reported their political endorsements for the November election.

ANSA and ANSC reviewed the list of 11 Constitutional Amendments which will also be on the ballot in November. The group advocated the following positions on these amendments:

Amendment 1: dealing with Forever Wild – yes

Amendment 2: dealing with borrowing up to $750 million by the state for industry and infrastructure – yes

Amendment 3: dealing with Baldwin County – no

Amendment 4: dealing with removing language dealing with racial segregation in the schools – no

Amendment 5: dealing with the City of Pritchard – yes

Amendment 6: dealing with health care, to defeat the Affordable Care Act – no

Amendment 7: dealing with a secret ballot on union elections – no

Amendment 8: dealing with reducing legislative pay – no

Amendment 9: dealing with corporations and a privilege tax – no

Amendment 10: dealing with banks and banking – no

Amendment 11: dealing with Lawrence County – no

In Greene County, in addition to the 11 amendments, we will also have to vote on a Local Referendum on raising local property taxes by three (3) mills to complete construction of a comprehensive high school in the county.

The 3 mill Ad Valorem  increase will provide approximately $360,000 a year and will allow the construction of a gymnasium and sports complex, a career center, an auditorium. Without the increase,  students will have to be  bussed back to the present activities, which would add to transportation costs and impact student safety.

Greene  County  has not had a  new high school  in over 30 years.

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