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December 13, 2012

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel Names DCCC National Leadership for the 2014 Cycle

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DCCC Chairman Steve Israel Names DCCC National Leadership for the 2014 Cycle

Quickly building a strong leadership team for the 2013-2014 cycle, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel today named the DCCC’s four National Chairs.

  • Representative Jared Polis will be National Chair for Candidate Services
  • Representative Allyson Schwartz will be National Finance Chair    
  • Democratic Caucus Vice-Chair Representative Joe Crowley will be DC Finance Chair
  • Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn will be National Mobilization Chair

In addition, Chairman Israel named the leadership of three key DCCC Committees for the cycle:

  • Representative Tim Walz will Chair the DCCC’s Frontline Program
  • Representative Donna Edwards will Chair the DCCC’s Recruitment Committee
  • Representative Gary Peters will be Vice Chair of DCCC’s Recruitment Committee
  • Representatives Richard Neal, Jim Himes and Terri Sewell will be Vice Chairs of Finance and Chair the DCCC’s Business Council

The DCCC National Chairs and the Committee leadership work closely with DCCC Chairman Israel, Leader Nancy Pelosi, House Leadership and the Caucus to plan and execute strategies that will ensure House Democrats’ success in 2014.

“Building on House Democrats 2012 success, these outstanding Members will lead the charge to pick up seats in 2014 and continue reversing the Tea Party wave,” said DCCC Chairman Steve Israel. “These leaders of our party are committed to standing up for the middle class and holding Republicans accountable for putting the special interests ahead of hardworking Americans. I’m pleased these Democratic leaders will be working with us this cycle to ensure our Members and candidates are building and executing winning campaigns.”

Announcements about additional DCCC Councils and Committees will be made at a later date.

Jared Polis, National Chair for Candidate Services

Congressman Jared Polis will serve as National Chair for Candidate Services. Congressman Polis is a savvy campaign strategist and has chaired the DCCC’s successful Red to Blue program in addition to serving on the recruiting committee. He has worked with the DCCC and Democratic Members and candidates on modernizing their campaign as well as LGBT outreach and fundraising plans.

“Congressman Polis will ensure that our top notch candidates and incumbents are well-prepared for an aggressive 2014 campaign,” Chairman Israel said. “Jared has distinguished himself as a proven leader in working with our candidates from the start of recruitment to crossing the finish line.”

Congressman Jared Polis said, “I am looking forward to working with Chairman Israel and the DCCC leadership to assist Democratic candidates so we can pick up seats and defeat Tea Party Republicans. We have a very dynamic and talented team and will be on the offense in districts throughout the country.”


Allyson Schwartz, National Finance Chair

Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz will serve as National Finance Chair. Congresswoman Schwartz will oversee the DCCC’s national fundraising to ensure House Democrats have the resources to win seats in 2014. During the 2012 cycle, Congresswoman Schwartz served as the National Chair for Recruiting and Candidate Services. Previously, she chaired the Red to Blue and Women LEAD programs and served on the recruiting committee.

“I am proud of Congresswoman Schwartz’s success in 2012 with our recruitment and candidate work and look forward to working with her to make sure we have the resources to compete and win in 2014,” said Chairman Israel. “Allyson can build our base of support from our grassroots donors who are ready for problem-solving Democrats to tackle the tough challenges our country faces and stand up for the middle class.”

Congresswoman Schwartz said, “Democrats are working tirelessly to strengthen the middle class and address the top priorities of the American people. I look forward to ensuring we have the resources to communicate our message to voters and hold Republicans accountable with hard-hitting TV ads and a state of the art field program to defeat Tea Party extremists and win seats in 2014.”


Joe Crowley, DC Finance Chair

In a newly-created position, Congressman Crowley will oversee the DCCC’s DC fundraising as the DC Finance Chair. Congressman Crowley served as the National Finance Chair and helped Democrats outraise House Republicans despite being in the minority and broke many DCCC fundraising records. Congressman Crowley is also the new Vice-Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.

“I’m so pleased that our new Caucus Vice-Chair and my friend and colleague from New York Congressman Crowley will continue in a leadership role at the DCCC in a new position focused on raising resources here in Washington,” said Chairman Israel. “Congressman Crowley will build on his success this past cycle and allow us to strengthen our efforts in DC.”  

Congressman Crowley said, “After our record-fundraising success this cycle, I’m so pleased to work with Leader Pelosi, Chairman Israel, Congresswoman Schwartz and our entire team to make sure we have resources to execute an aggressive campaign and support Members in tough fights and candidates in competitive races.”  


Jim Clyburn, National Mobilization Chair

Assistant Leader Jim Clyburn will oversee the DCCC’s efforts to mobilize and engage voters as National Mobilization Chair. Clyburn is responsible for ensuring key Democratic constituencies are organized, energized and well-equipped as part of a state of the art voter contact effort.

“Engaging and mobilizing voters again will be critical to House Democrats efforts to turn back the Tea Party Republicans and gain seats,” said Chairman Israel. “Assistant Leader Clyburn will inspire, organize and mobilize voters and ensure that we reach voters across the country.”


Tim Walz, Frontline Chair

Congressman Tim Walz will serve as Frontline Chair. Congressman Walz was a Member of the Frontline program last cycle and understands what it takes for an incumbent to win in a challenging district in a tough political environment. Walz has pledged to ensure problem-solving Democrats are re-elected in 2014. This past cycle he served as the DCCC’s Native American Council Co-Chair.

“Congressman Walz is battle-tested and will be a tremendous leader in our incumbent protection program because he knows firsthand how to win in a tough district,” said Chairman Israel. “Congressman Walz will bring his problem-solving approach to this key position and will ensure that our problem-solving incumbents who face tough challenges will return to Congress in order to continue fighting for middle class families.”

Congressman Walz said, “I’m honored and humbled to lead the 2014 Frontline Program. Elections are a means to an end and that end is better policies for middle class Americans. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure that we re-elect folks committed to strengthening the middle class.”


Donna Edwards, Recruitment Committee Chair and Gary Peters, Recruitment Committee Vice Chair

Congresswoman Donna Edwards will chair the Recruitment Committee and Congressman Gary Peters will serve as Recruitment Committee Vice Chair. During the 2012 campaign, Congresswoman Edwards chaired the Red to Blue Program and served on the recruiting committee.

“Congresswoman Edwards is a proven and tenacious leader who will help us identify and recruit top-notch candidates and Congressman Gary Peters is a battle-tested leader who knows how to win competitive races,” said Chairman Israel. “To win in 2014, we are already aggressively recruiting candidates, and our dynamic team of Donna and Gary will lead the way to help us recruit candidates focused on solving problems and standing up for the middle class.”

Congresswoman Edwards said, “For the 2012 cycle, House Democrats recruited successfully top-tier candidates throughout the country who reflected the shared values of America. We are excited to build on this momentum and spearhead the recruitment efforts for 2014. We will do that by continuing to recruit first-rate candidates committed to protecting the middle class and creating jobs.”

Congressman Peters said, “I look forward to working closely with Congresswoman Edwards to recruit top-tier Democratic candidates who can win in competitive districts and will represent the values of the middle class.  My priority is to relentlessly recruit problem-solvers who will fight to protect the middle class.”


Richard Neal, Jim Himes and Terri Sewell, Vice Chairs of Finance and Chairs of the DCCC’s Business Council

Congressman Richard Neal, Congressman Jim Himes and Congresswoman Terri Sewell will serve as Vice Chairs of Finance and Chair the DCCC’s Business Council. Congressmen Neal and Himes co-chaired the Business Council during the 2012 cycle and Congressman Himes also served as Frontline Chair.

“Congressman Richard Neal, Jim Himes and Terri Sewell will be critical to our business outreach efforts,” said Chairman Israel. “Together they will work with National Finance Chair Congresswoman Schwartz and DC Finance Chair Congressman Crowley to make sure we have the resources to run an aggressive campaign this cycle. They will put the DCCC and our Democratic candidates in partnership with business leaders who share our values on the most pressing issues affecting our country: creating jobs and strengthening the middle class.”

Congressman Neal, Congressman Himes and Congresswoman Sewell said: “We look forward to working with the business community and helping build resources so that Democrats come out of the gate strong and are on offense. Democrats again will have a strong partnership with the business community because at every turn we have stood up for good-paying jobs and a thriving middle class.”

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