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April 18, 2014

Alabama New South Alliance endorses candidates for state offices in Democratic Primary

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Alabama New South Alliance endorses candidates for state offices in Democratic Primary

The Alabama New South Alliance (ALSA), a political sister organization of the Alabama New South Coalition, held its Spring endorsement convention on Saturday at the Maggie Street Community Center in Montgomery, Alabama. Delegates at the convention endorsed statewide candidates and candidates running in multiple county races for the June 3rd Primary Election.

ANSA invited all candidates, Democrat and Republican in contested races for statewide offices, to come to the screening meeting. The Republican candidates declined to attend. Some of the Democrats in contested races attended the screening seeking endorsement in the June primary.

In the Governor’s race, Democratic candidate Parker Griffin came to address the convention and answer questions.

Griffin said, he was “running on three main issues: job creation, a statewide lottery for education and expansion of Medicaid. The current administration is out of ideas, out of vision and will soon be out of office.”

Griffin, who is also a retired doctor, said, “ Gov. Bentley spitefully turned down 20,000 new jobs in the medical field by turning down Medicaid expansion because he doesn’t like President Obama. This decision has already caused 10 hospitals in Alabama to close.”

In answer to a question of why he switched parties, when he was in Congress, Griffin said, “ I was trying to help Huntsville keep the Redstone Arsenal and jobs but I made a mistake. I am a better Democrat today since I have returned. I have sat in those Republican meetings and they are worse than you think.”

ANSA endorsed Parker Griffin for Governor. His primary opponent, Kevin Bass did not attend the screening.

The other major race that ANSA made an endorsement was for incumbent Congresswoman Terri Sewell in the 7th district, which includes parts of Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and the western Black Belt counties. Sewell and her opponent Birmingham attorney, Tamara Harris Johnson, were screened by the ANSA membership.

In the 7th District Caucus candidates for House Districts 71 and 72, which divide Greene County, were screened. Incumbent House member, A. J. McCampbell in District 71 and Thomas Moore in District 72 were endorsed. State Senator Bobby Singleton, who represents District 24, which includes Greene County is unopposed. The District Caucus also endorsed State Senator Hank Sanders in District 23.

Several Democrats running for statewide office unopposed attended  the convention including James C. Fields Jr., an African American from Cullman who is running for Lt. Governor and Doug Smith for Agriculture Commissioner. Other unopposed Democrats sent their regrets.

At the luncheon there was a discussion of voter suppression issues and the extension of Medicaid. ANSC is joining with the SOS Coalition for Justice and Democracy to get more than 10,000 signatures on a petition to Gov. Bentley, which they plan to present at a major rally on Saturday, May 31 at the State Capitol in Montgomery.

Copies of the petition are available at the Greene County Democrat for signatures and for people willing to collect signatures.

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