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May 31, 2014

Sewell deserves another term

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Sewell deserves another term

Take some time to watch U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell work in Washington and you’ll find a lawmaker who is constantly fighting for her hometown and home district.

Sewell says she has brought millions of dollars into Dallas County in her two terms.

Dallas County residents and some politicians often talk about a lack of jobs and Sewell says it’s her primary concern. In many cases, a lack of jobs is true, but in other instances, such as Selma, the issue is a lack of appropriate training. A recent report said more than 300 jobs were available within a 25-mile radius of Selma. Granted, 300 jobs doesn’t solve the unemployment problem in our area. However, by hosting job fairs and helping to match the unemployed with prospective employers, Sewell is taking an effective step in the right direction. Regardless, Dallas County’s unemployment rate continues to rank among the worst in the state.

Another small step that Sewell takes is visiting her home district every weekend, even when Congress is in session. It’s easy to stay in Washington D.C. and listen to voicemails from constituents, but by coming home Sewell is taking a proactive step to ensure she understands her district’s problems.

Sewell represents her district well, but there are those who would argue her efforts are spent on more populated, more politically-connected areas of the district, such as Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.

The list of grants, announcements and visits often begin with larger cities before trickling down to the areas thirsting for government support in infrastructure and job training.

The Times-Journal endorses Sewell for her tenacity in fighting for her home district, but should she win, we hope and expect to see more direct, measurable results in Dallas County from her efforts.

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