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June 12, 2009

Sewell Campaign Gains Momentum in Tuscaloosa

Media Contact: Casey O'Shea 202-470-6283

June 12, 2009
Media Contact:
Casey O'Shea

BIRMINGHAM – Terri Sewell, Democratic candidate to fill Artur Davis’ open congressional seat, announced today that her Meet & Greet event in Tuscaloosa on June 10th was a great success.  Even though the event was not a ticketed fundraiser, Sewell hauled in over $5,000 from a stellar group of business, legal and civic leaders.

“I am humbled by the support I’m getting across the 7th district, but Tuscaloosa is really becoming a great base of support.  This week’s event is proof positive that my message of expanding the American Dream across west Alabama by creating the jobs of the future and improving public schools is really taking hold.  I’m confident that my campaign is off to a strong and fast start, and I look forward to spending more time talking with voters from Birmingham and Tuscaloosa to the Black Belt,” said Sewell.

Wednesday’s event was held at the University Club in Tuscaloosa and attracted over 80 top leaders from the area.   Hosts for Sewell’s event included:  Johnnie Aycock, Claude Burns, Brock Corder, Norman Crow Jr., Richard & Shelly Ellis, Dr. Ernest McNealey, Lin Moore, Tim Parker, Cathy Randall, Mixon Russ, Randy Skagen, Justice D. Smyth, Curtis Travis, Ron Turner, Fitzgerald Washington, Bryan Winter and George Wright.

“My top priority in Congress will be economic development and creating jobs.  In parts of this district we’ve been poor for so long that we’ve given up the hope of ever reaching the middle class.  On my watch, I’ll start to restore that hope because we can’t afford to turn a blind eye to eroding jobs and industry anymore. That’s why I support the creation of jobs for the 21st Century by investing in locally owned and run businesses.  I’ll push for more tax cuts and tax breaks that will allow our local businesses invest more of their profits, tax free, while going after the corporations that take our tax money for job creation then move our jobs overseas,” said Sewell.

Terri Sewell is a Selma native who works as an attorney in Birmingham.  She is the daughter of retired Coach Andrew A. Sewell and former City Councilwoman and retired librarian Nancy Gardner Sewell. Both her parents held distinguished careers in the Selma public school system.  The Sewell family has been breaking barriers for generations. Terri was the first black valedictorian of Selma High School. Terri’s mother was the first black woman elected to the Selma City Council; Terri hopes to follow in her footsteps as the first black woman elected to Congress from the State of Alabama.

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