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March 21, 2010

Sewell Applauds Health Care Passage

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Birmingham, AL – Today, Democratic candidate for Alabama’s Seventh Congressional District Terri Sewell praised Congress’s historic vote for healthcare reform.


“Today’s vote brings this country a step closer to ensuring that all Americans have access to affordable quality coverage. It is important that this fight does not end here, but that we continue to press for a public option that will ensure coverage of 100% of Americans.  In Congress, I will work with President Obama to make sure that this is done,” said Sewell. 


According to an analysis by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the Senate healthcare legislation will improve healthcare for 309,000 residents in the Seventh Congressional District which is 52% of the residents of the district.  Over 179,000 families and 12,800 small businesses will get tax credits to make health insurance more affordable, and the bill will improve Medicare coverage for 105,000 beneficiaries and extend coverage to 61,000 residents who are currently uninsured.  39 community healthcare facilities in the district will be provided with new funding and the bill will reduce the cost of uncompensated care for hospitals and other health care providers by $304 million annually.  Lastly, this bill will guarantee that 11,900 residents with pre-existing conditions will receive coverage.


Sewell is on the Community Advisory Board for UAB’s Minority Health Resource Center that helps to decrease the disparity in health care that exist in minority communities.  Her work there helps close the health care disparity gap for rural and underserved communities. 


Sewell has picked up key endorsements from EMILY’s List, National Organization for Women (NOW), Women’s Campaign Forum and women’s rights pioneer and Alabama native Lilly Ledbetter.  Sewell hopes to be the first black women elected to congress from Alabama.


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