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April 07, 2010

Judge U.W. Clemon Endorses Terri Sewell

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Judge U.W. Clemon Endorses Terri Sewell

 (Birmingham, AL) - Today, Terri Sewell’s campaign for Congress launched an endorsement radio ad with Alabama’s first black Federal Judge U.W. Clemon.  This is Terri Sewell’s second radio ad and follows up on her ad, “Black Belt Values”. 

“I am deeply honored to have earned the support of one of Alabama’s most respected leaders, Judge U.W. Clemon, in my historic run for Congress.  His legacy of providing justice for all is truly an inspiration. As a former law clerk, I am blessed to call Judge U.W. Clemon a mentor and friend,” said Sewell

The 60 second radio ad, entitled “Clemon’s Endorsement”, former Federal Judge U.W. Clemon highlights Sewell’s roots in the district; relationship with President Obama and the First Lady; her economic development qualifications; and his support and endorsement of her for Congress.


Radio (60 Seconds)

VO: He’s Alabama’s first black federal judge and a civil rights leader.  He’s Judge U.W. Clemon.

Judge U.W. Clemon:  Terri Sewell clerked for me when I was a federal judge.  She had gone to college with Michelle Obama and to law school with Barack Obama.   Based on her background and experiences, and my experience with her, I know that she is highly qualified to represent us in Congress.  If elected, Terri Sewell will not forget her roots, nor forsake those who elected her to office.  She will work to improve health reform, to attract new and better jobs to Alabama, and to give to our young people who want a good education the chance to get it.  I plan to vote for her and ask you to do the same.  She will make us proud.

VO: Restoring hope.  Creating opportunity.  That’s Democrat Terri Sewell.  For Congress.

Terri: I'm Terri Sewell, candidate for Congress and I approve this message.

CLICK HERE to listen to the ad.

Sewell continues to set the pace in this race. In addition to being the only candidate on TV at this point, she has raised more money in Alabama than her other 3 opponents combined and has picked up key endorsements from Emily’s List, National Organization for Women (NOW), Women’s Campaign Forum and women’s rights pioneer and Alabama native Lily Ledbetter.

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