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May 28, 2010

Terri Sewell Picks Up Two Major Newspaper Endorsements

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Birmingham, AL – Terri A. Sewell, continuing her historic campaign to become the first women ever elected to Congress from Alabama picked up two key newspaper endorsements to replace Artur Davis representing the 7th Congressional District. 

Birmingham News (link)

“Of the four Democrats, we like lawyer Terri Sewell. She has an impressive resume… Growing up in Selma and now living in Birmingham, she has a clear grasp of the issues at both ends of the district. She also has some clear ideas on how to help.”

Selma Times Journal (link)

“Her ties to this region and her ability to walk in the world of those groomed for national leadership make Terri Sewell a solid choice to represent the 7th Congressional District in Washington.  She knows the needs of the region and she has the intellectual capacity to deal rationally with the Washington elite. “

“She is one of us.”

 Sewell has raised more money in Alabama than her other three opponents combined, and is still the only candidate on broadcast and cable TV, which the campaign intends to continue until the end of the race. In addition, Sewell was the first candidate to go on radio in this race.  Recent polling is shows that Sewell has surged into a share of the lead in the race.  She also has key endorsements from EMILY’s List, National Organization for Women (NOW), Women’s Campaign Forum and women’s rights pioneer and Alabama native Lilly Ledbetter.  Sewell hopes to be the first black women elected to congress from Alabama.

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