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July 01, 2010

Terri Sewell statement on Greenetrack

Contact: Aaron Dickerson (813) 362-3135   ·  For Immediate Release

"I am deeply disappointed by the Governor's and the court's efforts regarding Greentrack. It is my
understanding that Greentrack has made a consistent effort to follow the rules and regulations as
established by the Legislature and the Governor's office."

"In a time of economic hardship, one of the worst environmental disasters to hit our coast, soaring budget deficits and unemployment, I find it hard to believe that harassing a local businessman and community leader is the best use of the state's time.  This issue is about more than politics; it profoundly affects the livelihood of thousands of Alabamians.  Greentrack is the largest single employer in Greene County, and has a history of active community involvement and support for fire protection, and youth programs, and other organizations that improve the quality of life in Greene County."

"Closing Greentrack will have an immediate, devastating effect on Greene County's economy and I
am strongly against any moves to do so."

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