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October 12, 2011

Rep. Terri Sewell introduces First Lady Michelle Obama at DC fundraiser



October 12, 2011


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Rep. Terri Sewell introduces First Lady Michelle Obama at DC fundraiser

Congresswoman Terri A. Sewell had the honor of introducing Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States at a fundraiser hosted by Obama For America on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.  The event was attended by over 600 people and was held at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington D.C.

 The First Lady was Congresswoman Sewell’s mentor while they both attended Princeton University.  “Big sister Michelle Robinson took me, a young girl from Selma, Alabama under her wing at Princeton and taught me all about the professors, which classes to take and how to graduate successfully from college. Her confidence, work ethic and faith made me believe that I could do it too,” Sewell stated.  “It was her example that gave me the audacity to believe that I could follow in her footsteps to Harvard Law School and even now, to follow her leadership in public service to this nation.”

"I want to start by thanking my dear, dear friend and everybody should know by now, Terri was my mentee in college . . . for her leadership, for her service and for taking the time to be here," Michelle Obama said. "She's doing a terrific job representing her state."

The event benefitted the Obama Victory Fund, and Sewell used the opportunity to rally support for the President.  “I often remind my colleagues that what are important are the friendships that we build and the common ground we find in order to get things done for the people we represent. People sent us here not to add to the political gridlock, but to break down those barriers and actually work together to solve America's problems. That what our President is about-putting the needs of the people first.”

We must all do our part,” Sewell said, “We must show that Obama for America was not just a campaign in 2008, OFA is a movement. Shirley Chisolm once said that "Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth." Now more than ever we all need to make a deposit towards that rent! We all have the opportunity to serve people in our own unique way, and now more than ever I encourage all of you to answer that call to serve. Obama for America needs your active participation!”




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