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May 05, 2014

U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell urges Jefferson County residents to take advantage of Secretary of State Voter Photo ID mobile site visits

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U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell urges Jefferson County residents to take advantage of Secretary of State Voter Photo ID mobile site visits



May 5, 2014


Birmingham, AL—Congresswoman Terri A. Sewell is reminding Jefferson County residents who need a voter photo ID to take advantage of the Alabama Secretary of State’s mobile site visits this week.

Sewell fears that the Photo ID law will roll back the clock on voting rights that were won as a result of battles fought in Alabama’s 7th District decades ago and will ultimately serve as a form of voter suppression if people aren’t made aware of the law and helped through the process of obtaining a photo ID if they don’t already have one.

Approved Forms of ID for voting include: Alabama Driver’s License, Government Agency ID, Passport, Student/Employee ID from a school, Military ID, Tribal ID, Alabama Non-Driver ID, Voter ID Card.  To be valid, these IDs must include a picture of the individual.

Beginning today May 5 through Monday May 12, the Secretary of State’s office is bringing mobile units to 10 locations in Jefferson County as part of a statewide tour to raise awareness of Alabama’s new voter photo ID law, effective in the June 3 primary, and to allow those without a photo ID to get one. IDs can also be obtained at the County Board of Registrars office.

In order to obtain a free photo voter ID, individuals will need to bring:

·      Any expired form of government issued photo ID (Driver’s License, Non-Driver ID)

·      ONE non-photo document that contain legal name, date of birth, and current address. Examples:  Marriage certificate w/ DOB, insurance showing voting address and DOB.

·      Any Combination or collection of documentation (governmental or otherwise) hat has your name, date of birth, and current voting address. Examples: Birth certificate, final adoption decree, school documents, religious records, naturalization papers, utility bill in YOUR name, any other bill or government document sent to current mailing address

“It is our responsibility to make sure we are ready for the implementation of this law by June 3,” Sewell said.  “We cannot sit idly by and watch our friends and neighbors be robbed of the right to vote.  We must spread awareness about the law, and help to make sure that our family and friends get the proper ID they need to vote.”

Sewell also said that the law is discriminatory towards elderly or disabled voters who often don’t have a driver’s license or other form of photo ID, as well as many low-income and unemployed citizens who may not have a driver’s license or photo ID because they don’t own a vehicle or have a stable job. She cited the personal story of her father.

“Dad suffered several strokes and has been wheelchair bound for a number of years,” Sewell said.   “He hasn’t had a driver’s license or other photo ID, and hasn’t needed one.  For many years, he has voted with his validly issued social security card, and I believe that should be more than sufficient.  While my dad has my mom and I to take him and make sure he gets the proper ID to vote, many are not as fortunate and will be disenfranchised as a result.  This is simply unacceptable.”

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