Access to Affordable Quality Health Care

Every person in Alabama and America deserves access to affordable, quality health care, whether you live in a city or a small town. That's why Terri strongly supports President Obama’s health care plan in Congress.  

Terri has lived the challenges we face in Alabama when it comes to health care.  Several years ago her father had a series of strokes.  Terri works closely with her family to care for her father, who is now confined to a wheelchair.  Terri has spent many hours trying to make sense of the complicated health care system and understands why health care reform is so critical.  

In addition to helping her father, Terri is on the Community Advisory Board for UAB’s Minority Health Resource Center that helps to decrease the disparity in health care that exists in minority communities.  Her work there helps close the health care disparity gap for rural and underserved communities.

In Congress, Terri will fight for:

  • Access to Affordable Health Care Without Pre-Existing Conditions.

    Over 550,000 Alabama residents did not have health insurance in 2008.  As the economic crisis continues, the number of uninsured has gone up dramatically in Alabama. Terri believes that it is absolutely necessary that we extend affordable health care coverage that includes a robust public option.   
  • Control Spending

    Health care premiums and co-pays in this country have increased out of control.  Terri will support health care reform which controls rising out-of-pocket expenses to prevent cost from becoming a strain on Alabama families.  This includes an aggressive switch from paper to electronic medical records that will streamline health care delivery and reduce medical errors.
  • Coverage for Pre-existing conditions

    Terri will support health care reform which requires coverage of pre-existing conditions.  She understands how such unfair treatment has left many families in financial crises.
  • Preventive Care

    Terri would put a priority on preventative care, such as mammograms and other screenings, and she will support efforts in  Congress to promote preventive health care.
  • Support Rural Health Care

    Our rural communities are not getting the health care resources that they need.  Terri will work to expand access to community health facilities to provide better and more consistent care in our rural communities.
  • Protect our Children

    In Alabama, 8% of children under 18 have no health coverage.  In Congress, Terri will support efforts to expand funding for Alabama’s Children Health Insurance Program.
  • Minority Health

    With disproportionately high rates of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure in minority communities, Terri will support efforts to provide comprehensive educational, research and community outreach programs focused on eliminating the health disparities of minority and underserved communities. Through her support of UAB’s Minority Health Resource Center, Terri has shown a real commitment to decreasing the disparity in health care that exist in minority communities.  She will work tirelessly to close the gap in the health statistics for rural and underserved communities.

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